Thursday, November 3, 2011

Is Maura Alive?

That was the question that led to this latest adventure into the North Country.

Several weeks ago, I received what I believe to be a credible tip from one of the three main people who have reached out to police believing they have seen Maura Murray alive after her disappearance. This person told me that she was sure she saw Maura with a child at a house on Firefly Lane in Hillsborough, NH.

Coming as this did at around the same time I learned of this mysterious "Londonderry ping," I was very interested-- Hillsborough is within 20 miles of Londonderry and the call to Maura's phone the day of her disappearance could have originated from that area.

I'm sorry to say, Maura was not there. I spoke to two women living in the houses around there that looked kinda sorta like her. They both had young children. And could have been mistaken, I guess, by someone driving down the road, but, no doubt about it, neither one was Maura Murray.

That left me with some time to track down some other leads. I spoke with the tow truck driver again and visited a very frightening house connected to Fred. Lots to talk about in the coming days. I'm still not sure what Maura's ultimate fate was, but I believe I have a much clearer idea of why she drove to New Hampshire in the first place. And I think I understand the rag in the tailpipe.


  1. Going way back now and without being able to locate exactly where I had read this but it was written that Fred identified the towel found in the tailpipe as having been one that was among other towels Maura had stored in her trunk. At the very least he was able to say that it sure looked like one of the towels he had seen in the trunk or words to that effect.

    John Avellar

  2. OMG Spill it! ;-). Thank you for all of your work.

  3. Thank You, now this can be dropped as a sighting.

  4. Did you ask the girl living in the first house on the right if they lived there on or before June 09?

  5. This question goes along with John Avellar's post on November 3rd. Supposedly Fred identified the towel
    stuffed in the tailpipe as one of several that Maura
    had in her trunk. Did LAW ENFORCEMENT corrorberate
    this fact? Either she did or did not have others like it in her trunk. If there were others that were
    similar, then she put it there. If it was of a very
    different material, then chances are that someone else stuffed it there. If someone else stuffed it
    there, then she would have had to stop somewhere
    about a mile or a mile and one-half before this, as
    the car would stall with a rag stuffed in the tailpipe at about this distance. Also, no one but
    Maura had the key, supposedly, at any point in her
    trip to get into her car to get one of her trunk rags. If it was not one of her trunk rags, then
    someone else had to have done it. She had her keys
    with her at all times. Also, did the stuffed tailpipe contribute to the crash? I have not seen
    much information on this. What really caused the crash? Putting that rag in the tailpipe was not a
    positive thing to do. It served no constructive
    purpose. If she stuffed it in there, it could only
    have been as an attempt to stop a malfunction in her car (Fred said to stop some smoking) or as a nervous move to confuse the police. A stuffed rag
    in a tailpipe is a negative move mechanically. Why
    would her father tell her to do this? Was he that
    mechanically ignorant? This "stuffed tailpipe" issue needs to be examined much more thoroughly. It could redirect the case in another direction.

  6. I don't know why you listened to locals saying they saw her in the area.. i highly, highly doubt she would be anywhere near the area.. she would have been spotted and turned over by then.

    It goes either, if she were to be abducted, or if she were to run away.. the last place she would be in, is most likely New Hampshire.. that's just common sense.

    I think a few facts need to be addressed... she had just come back from winter break, and a week later..she left... who did she spend winter break with... was it normal for her to take time off during the middle of a school year? Also, had she packed up her belongings before without an anticipated school break...

    I think an important part is, which never seemed to have been addressed.. was who she spoke to before she went missing.. one site stated that while she was at work, she received a phone call..and whoever it was she spoke to, (no site states who it was maybe they don't know) made her so upset that her supervisor walked her back to her dorm room and let her leave work early..

    i think thats a big key right there.. who ever upset her that much.. why didnt they look into that phone call, or find out who it was?

  7. One of the witnesses who according to records reported a sighting *MONTHS LATER*, I might add has always disturbed me.

    The woman at the convienece store or gas station who saw a young woman with an older man mouthing "help me".

    Have you ever tracked her down while up there? I am just curious because although I think it is DISTRUBING this woman says she saw this and yet didn't think to at least call it in right away?!?!?! I find it interesting and it gives me chills. However, I feel most LIKELY she was just trying to get attention because who WOULDN'T report a woman mouthing "help me"?